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Salsa on 1 - video lessons

1. Salsa dance Basic Steps

Timing On1 vs On 2

Turns Into Patterns

More advance Salsa Dancing video lessons on YouTube with


Turns and Spins

Turns and Moves

Steps Mix

Cross Body Lead

How to look natural when dancing Salsa

Watch the video and learn steps while home at your own pace. Memorize names. Learn the pattern. Then come to our dance studio ,and our instructors will help you to polish these steps.

Under Arm Turn to Basic Dip

Basic Rhythm On 1

Complete Guide for beginners

Steps for Beginners

S-Turn into Cross Body Lead

Basic Steps

Basic into Under arm Turn

2. Salsa Turns

More Beginners and Advance Salsa

video lessons on YouTube with

Dance Dojo

Salsa On 2

2016 World Professional Champions

Sanfilippo Tabo Simone & Maso Serena

Salsa On 1

2016 World Professional Champions

Deklan Guzman & Natalia Villanueva

4. World best Salsa Dancing 2016

3. More Beginners and Advance Steps