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Salsa On 1 is the best choice for the beginner to start with, because it is the easiest to learn and the most authentic.

See all 36 most popular easy steps you going to learn with us.

Cubans might tell you there is no such thing as a Salsa dance (or Cuban Salsa or Rueda Salsa) and the only right name for this dance is Casino.

(Read more about it here)

Salsa is a relatively new name for a music style, not a dance. Evolved in the 50s from Cuban Mambo mixed with the NY Swing during the Castro-revolution era, represented by famous Puerto-Rican dancer "Cuban Pete" and the 70s by Puerto Rican immigrant Celia Cruz, "The Queen of Salsa", and the legendary Puerto Rican musician Tito Puente, "The King".

Whatever. Most americans when they hear Salsa music they call the dance a Salsa and ask for Salsa dance lessons. Fine! No fighting. Let's learn the Salsa dance!

We'll make you to dance Salsa in 5-10 private lessons. Then You can join our  crowd on Salsa Dance Night. You'll not just memorize some steps but we'll make you look easy and confident.

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Learn Salsa dance in 5 private lessons

Salsa On 1

L.A. (Los Angeles) Salsa is also "On 1". Came from 80s, absorbed some western  elements including Ballet aerial works and lifts and regarded by Latin-Americans as a theatrical ballet for the western world middle-class.

Salsa "On 2" is a New York Salsa. Dancers skip the 1st bit and make 1st step on the 2nd beat. You need to have years for music and feel the rhythm to hear that 2nd beat to start most Salsa steps. Not the best choice for the beginner.

Cali style is Colombian and has an emphasis on speedy complicated foot work.  See Cali dancers at the Cali Festival here and here.

Salsa On 2

Cali Style Salsa

LA Salsa

Ballroom Mambo is a formal refined style "On 2" with the emphesis on refined technique and elegant lines of arms, legs and body vs more relax easy look of "street" Salsa on 1.

Ballroom (Competition) Mambo

5 The Most popular salsa Dance styles

What is Salsa dance?